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Thursday, December 30th, 2004
1:42 pm
Tsunami's suck ass....
I am taking up collection for our local Red Cross to send to the countries devasted by this weeks earthquake and tsunami. If anyone would like to help please send check and/or money order made out to American Red Cross to P.O. Box 1206 Cicero, NY 13039.
Don't forget, even a little bit helps!!
Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
3:31 pm
OK, next to no one reads this thing....but I shall continue to post anyway. I will keep on keepin on. Ok, so we've come to the conclusion that we do not need to claim any donations solicited on our personal taxes for this year, so, we will begin our hunt for donors. I think we'll begin targeting small local business, I think J.Michaels was said, maybe we could coerce the Tusk, other bars we have given our business to for many a year, places of that nature. Tonight we are meeting to get together a gameplan. This is the part I am all about, the part I think I will do really well with. We have also decided not to put a deadline on the site....since we cannot accurately determine if we will be able to raise a substantial amount by then. We also have larger scale flyers and handouts in the works. I guess after our meeting we will have some more concrete information.

Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
3:36 pm
Sponsor sheet

Thank you for showing an interest in our organization. Please fill out all information below and return with a check or money order made out to Freeload or Die. If you are taking advantage of our free advertising, please include a logo if you would like one displayed.

Name/Business Name: _______________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________________________

Web Address: _____________________________________________

Donation Amount: ___________________________________________

___ Check ___ Money Order ___ Other

Logo Included: Yes___ No ___

Additional Comments: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Signed: __________________________________________________

Print Name: _______________________________________________
Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
11:29 pm
This looks better in Word obviously....but feel free to edit and or comment!!!!!
Freeload Or Die
P.O. Box 1206
Cicero, NY 13039
Phone Number: (315) 591-4267
E-mail: freeload@freeloadordie.com
Webpage: www.freeloadordie.com

Date [here]
Send to Address [here]

Dear [Place name here],

While still in it’s beginning stages, Freeload or Die has already made its mark as a scholarship fund. Its title strikes the attention of its readers, thus compelling people to learn more. Our web page has been advertised for a short time and has already received more then 1000 hits. Our advertising methods have included many grassroots efforts; such a handing out more then 500 flyers to individuals around the CNY area, creating, wearing and handing out Freeload or Die T-shirts, and hanging up posters all around the CNY area. In the upcoming future we plan to advertise at local high schools and colleges via poster, and talks during seminar classes.

Our vision at Freeload or Die is to create scholarships available to students who are active in the community, but receive little to no financial assistance towards their education from parents, federal aid, or otherwise. Freeload or Die (FLOD) is a unique scholarship opportunity. Recipients of this award are chosen based on their will to make a difference, rather than academic achievements. This scholarship is open to high school graduates entering college, those currently enrolled in college, college graduates, and graduate students!! Another unique aspect of FLOD is that it is a blind scholarship, meaning that total winnings will not be known until the scholarship winner is announced. This is because as a donor-based scholarship, we can continue to raise funds for the winner right up until the award is given out. All monetary donations will go towards the cause.

Your business has the opportunity to make a difference! We are making strides towards becoming a non-profit organization, but do not currently hold that status. In order to make your contribution efforts worth your while your business will be added to the following advertisements:

1. A link to your contact information and/or website on the front page of the Freeload or Die site.
2. Your business information on all distributed flyers. Over the next year we plan to hand out over a 1000.
3. Your business information on all Freeload or Die promotional shirts. These shirts are worn on all outings.
4. Your business information mentioned as a sponsor at any and all promotional talks.

All we ask is for a contribution of $50.00 or more. This is a great opportunity for your company to contribute and benefit a great cause for a very small amount of money.

What follows on the corresponding pages are the rules and criteria to win the Freeload or Die Scholarship, a copy of current flyer advertisements, and our mission statement.

We appreciate any help you can contribute and thank you in advance!


CEO Robyn Butterfield

CEO Rebecca Paul

Current Mood: determined
Friday, November 26th, 2004
5:20 pm
I figured it out homie.
Ok.. Folks I think I figured out how to post! YES! Totally tubular!

.. Here is a list of things that are on my mind about FLOD.

#1. Need to give the web page a link to this peace.

#2. Need to give the web page a link to a e-mail address so that folks can e-mail us.

#3. Need to put together sponsorship packets. Yippy. Rob. And I will do Sat. Maybe Sun.

#4. Need to kill webpage all together.

#5. Get DBA (Mon.)

#6. After getting DBA e-mail local professors about coming into classrooms to talk about FLOD.

#7. Develop a serious Board of Directors who believe in our cause. (feel free to contact us about  this.)

#8. Get the WORD OUT…


            About Wed. night. All in all I think things went well. For some reason a couple people gave the Robmister some bad vibes. Yuck. I think this brought down her moral. A few more people thought we were collecting money for our own fun. People can not seem to grasp the idea that people would do something nice for other people. Also, others just plan get turned off at the idea of people asking for $, even though those people who were mean to my Robyn we never asked for money. Fortunately I never encountered the mean folks, only Robyn did. Poor thing…. Sometimes that is just what happens. Pick up move on, not everyone will welcome you with open arms.  If everyone fought the good fight the world would be a better place…. But we’ll keep chugging.


            Another thought. It was hard for me at times to sum up FLOD in one sentence. When asked, “well, what is it.” I sometimes just looked at Robyn. So, in my evaluation of the night I have determined it needs to be placed in one sentence….. How does this sound, “ It is a scholarship fund for people who are active with in there community and are responsible for at least 50% there college expanses. High school students, college students, and people who have already earned a degree are eligible.” Ya, I know that’s 2 sentences… but well, 2 sentences might be needed.


            Now it is time for a quote that I heard at the family Thanksgiving dinner about FLOD, The person shall remain nameless. However, my dear Robyn can probably surmise who’s mouth it spewed from, “What idiot would give money for that cause.” And no it was not my mother.


            As for the rest of my family, they are supportive….


FLOD forever. Successful updates coming soon! Start spreading the word!

11:55 am
A Mild Success
So Becky and I had our first marketing/donation seeking outing Wed. night. We couldn't have picked a worse night. It was shoulder to shoulder no matter where we went. Kitty Hoynes was the only place we did pretty well, handing out lots of fliers and even pulling in some donations. Thanks to the bartenders for being radical, hope your enjoying your t-shirts. The rest of the night was pretty much a bust...a lot of people wanted to yell freeload, ask us what our shirts meant, but not listen to what we had to say. Oh well, that's the way it goes sometimes. We did meet 2 boys at the Tusk who seemed pretty interested, Kevin and Justin, and that boosted our morale a bit. Justin asked lots of questions while Kevin listened in, a bit weary of the whole thing, I think. He did check out our site, and gave us a high five for being legit. Hope they too are enjoying their t-shirts!!! We may attempt another outing tomorrow night, depending on work and how we feel. But everything considered, we were pretty stoked about our results. We plan to get our donors' names up on the wicked cool people page tomorrow, so everyone can see who took the time to listen and even give a dollar or two. Also going to get some t-shirts together to sell...no more give aways, unless your really cute and give a good donation. Then maybe. Anyways, check out the site, let us know what you think. It's an ongoing process, but we're just happy to have started seeking out money. That's the important part.

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Monday, November 22nd, 2004
8:53 am
Recipient Criteria
Our vision at Freeload or Die is to make scholarships available to students who are active in the community, but receive little to no federal aid from the government towards their education. Freeload or Die (FLOD) is a unique scholarship opportunity. Recipients of this award are chosen based on their will to make a difference, rather than academic achievements. This scholarship is open to high school graduates entering college, those currently enrolled in college, college graduates, and graduate students!! Another unique aspect of FLOD is that it is a blind scholarship, meaning that total winnings will not be known until the scholarship winner is announced. This is because as a donor-based scholarship, we can continue to raise funds for the winner right up until the award is given out.

All entries will be narrowed down to ten finalists by the FLOD Board of Directors and CEOs on December 1, 2005. A winner will be picked based on creativity, relevance of content to our mission, and the public opinion. The top ten entries will be posted on www.freeloadordie.com, where all visitors will be encouraged to submit their opinion of who they feel should win, accompanied with comments regarding their chosen entry. We will only ask for positive comments, and these comments will not be posted. On January 1, 2006 the FLOD Board of Directors and CEOs will deliberate to select the first ever Freeload or Die scholarship winner. While the web site visitor’s comments and chosen winner will be taken into account, the final decision is ultimately in the hands of the FLOD Board of Directors and CEOs.

If any of the below criteria is not met, you will not be eligible to win. We ask that relatives of FLOD board of directors and CEOs do not apply.

1) Application: There is no application! However, you must include you first and last name, full address, e-mail address, and a contact phone number in your entry.
2) Format: Be creative! The entry can be in any form you wish. It can be a written essay (no minimum word requirement); a piece of art, a video taped oral presentation, short movie, whatever you wish!
3) Involvement: Being involved is the most important aspect of this scholarship. Thus, it is important to tell us what activities you are involved in and how they have a positive impact on the people around you. Applicants must also convey why they deserve this award. It is important that all applicants review Freeload or Die’s mission and values. This can be found on our web page, or click HERE
4) Who is eligible: The FLOD scholarship is open to all High School students, College students, College graduates, and Post grad students. This money is meant to alleviate financial burdens, regardless of your current status!!
5) Financial Responsibility: Recipients must be personally responsible for at least 50% of all education expenses. Upon being selected into the top ten you will be asked for proper documentation.
6) Academic Standing: While your GPA will not affect your chances of winning, all applicants must be in positive academic standing. If chosen for our top ten, you will be asked to provide a transcript.

P.O. BOX 1206
CICERO, NY 13039

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Friday, November 19th, 2004
2:48 pm
Anyone gonna read this thing? Help w/ the Mission statement!!!
We need a concise paragraph and concise sentence...edit away!!!!

Freeload or Die is a donor funded scholarship program geared towards benefiting college students and/or applicants. Our vision is to make scholarships available to students who are active in the community, but receive little to no federal aid from the government towards their education. The students we would market towards would be much like ourselves, middle to lower class, average GPA’s, and a deep care for and involvement in community. Our personal experiences with the education system are our driving force. More often than not, students pursuing higher education that fall into this bracket are faced with financial burdens. Many do not qualify for the aid they deserve and must take out private loans with higher interest rates. The debt college graduates are faced with is incomprehensible for their young age. The high price of education is what leads Freeload or Die to strive to help alleviate costs one student at a time. Experienced volunteers and fundraisers, our team will go out to businesses in the community, offering them an opportunity to help students. In return for donations, these businesses would receive free advertising on our organizations advertising materials and website.

At the Freeload or Die organization, we strive to alleviate the financial burden of higher education by offering a donor-based scholarship to lower to middle class students.
12:03 pm
What is Freeload or Die?
Ok...FREELOAD OR DIE...not to be taken literally...Simply started as a joking phrase shared between two girls who got educations and somehow are in the same living situation as they were at 17. Hmmm....let's figure this one out. So your high school guidance counselor, Mr. Yanno was mine, tells you that you MUST go to college. While good advice, are there no other options? Well at 18 you do as your told, so I obiediently applied to colleges. After being accepted, I thought, wow, this is scary, please mom & dad, don't cut the cord, I'm not ready!!! And I wasn't, so I chose the school closest to home, good ol Oswego State. I turned that 45 min drive into a weekly event (except in the case of blizzard conditions, and even now and then I force the Prizm out...there was real food and clean clothes at the other end! Worth risking your life? At 18, hell yes!) So the years went by, had an amazing experience in Australia-my real incentive for going to college, by the way-and decided Fine Art was for me. Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art. What an accomplishment! How exciting! And 50 G's later I'm a goddamn receptionist. Ya freakin hoo. OH, and living at home. OH, and living paycheck to paycheck. OH, and racking up even more debt on my credit card. Good times. Why you ask? Because I have to. I cannot realisticly afford to live on my own. Freeload or live on the streets (or with grandma & grandpa). But am I alone in this dilemma? Hell No! I have ONE friend who is on her own, but her boyfriend is great and really helps support her while she's in nursing school. But what about the SINGLE middle class 20 somethings who have to pay back debt they can't even fathom, and can't get a great paying job right out of school? Well, they freeload or die. They move back home and try to make it work, struggle in a shitty job and budget like it's nobody's business. They whine and complain and wonder what can they do to change their situation. The military has a great signing bonus, and the GI Bill could pay for grad school. The Peace Corps. hooks you up with 6 G's and great life experience, and the corner could be an option if you have some platform 6 inch heels, daisy dukes and some hairspray. All are huge committments and don't completely rid you of debt and financial burdens. So what can we do about this epidemic? Well, in my case, I predict the struggle route. Get a master's in education, teach, and pay that debt off in about 50 years. But, wouldn't it be nice to help someone out like myself? Ahh, yes it would. So Freeload or Die is slowly but surely morphing itself into a scholarship for college students, not necessarily the smartest, but those who, like us, fall into the middle class bracket. This means little if any federal aid, and although mom and dad are well off, just don't have 40-50 G's sitting around for a rainy day, or college. Those who are active in the community and just want to make a little difference in the world deserve some cash too. Someone who wants an education and is willing to fight the good fight, regardless of the financial drawbacks. So although only in it's beginning stages...I think this is the beginning of something very good. So my first, and Becky's second, stab at creating a website begins tonight. We also have t-shirts and are looking into sponsors for the scholarship money. I also hope to post statistics and articles relating to these and other topics relevant to people my age and in similar situations. Anyway, if you want to help, have some info, or just feel like typing, feel free to leave any comments. If you don't want to help, don't have any info, but just feel like typing, feel free to leave any comments.
Freeload or Die
Hopefully NOT forever and Always
12:02 pm
This e-mail is for both of my homies.

Aren;t we missing the point of LJ by making it into a talk forum? LJ is to let people into your head and mind by opening up your Journal for the public to read. It was not created as a chat forum. While I would not mind a forum. It seems that a FLOD forum would almost be like IM instead of the personal enteries of an LJ. Understand? I would be willing to us a forum, however, I do not want to abandon our LJs all together. I like the thought of people being about to see what we are up and our thoughts when this FLOD gets on a roll. I guess forums are for short bouts of chatting while LJ is exactly what it says it is "a journal that is live for everyone to read." get it? Great.

In other news please place on your Home page of your own personal LJ (well... only if you would like).

Robyn, and Kevin too, Congrats. You have made it on to my “to do” list. I thought it would neat-o to write to you regarding FLOD info via LJ that way when we get some FLOD action taking place on the LJ people can know is going on in the planning stages. If you don’t like this idea then delete this entry from your LJ.

1. I think a change needs to be made regarding the hand outs. Can we change the “sponsorship based scholarship” part? I think this is limiting us. We also will be taking monetary donations, thus we would not want Mr. SoandSo from the local bar to read that and think he can not make a difference because he is not a sponsor. Also, we need to add a sponsorship example on the bottom of each little handout.

2. A P.O. Box has been set up. Our address is now on our webpage. Please see that. I should have changes up and running by 6:00 tonight. It costs a total of $30.00 per year. So, we are even as far as web. Page costs go. UM? Maybe we can get a webpage server sponsor for us.. Kevin do you know anyone who might want to donate some server costs for us?

3. Monetary donation goals: I would like to raise a quick $100 dollars by Dec. 1. That is my goal. This is your area of expertise. I sure this could be done on one night down town with our shirts on and handing out those flyers about our cause. However, we should hold off until legalities are set.

4. As soon as legalities are set I am going to contact K-rock. Thinking we might be able to pull of a “first round is free” promotional thing with K-rock, a local Bar, and FLOD. This might be better off done after the holidays though because Bars are not hurting for business during the holidays.

5. Have meeting with you, me, and the duck to get glitches of Home page ironed out. Kevin I like the direction that our page is going thus far. However, I do want to work on improving some stuff. Is anyone free on Sunday afternoon for some Panara (or how ever the heck you spell that) Bread, and Coffee. You must know it is against my religion to get out of my PJs on Sundays. I may arrive in hospital pants and a Oswego sweatshirt.

6. Write out / talk about the loosely based “rule” and “requirements” for our scholarship shindiggy. Lets set a Robyn and Becky date for this one. Sometime next week I can pencil you in for this.

That’s it kids.

11:28 am
WHOA!!! That was way more difficult than it needed to be...
So after much frustration....and even deleting my account (which can easily be re-activated, w/ all old info in tact, thank god!) this community is ready for all of your Freeload or Die insight!!! I'm not entirely sure how this "community" operates, but I hope it's the kind of thing we were looking for... So I am going to copy and paste all entries from our other LJ's to get some stuff going...PLease PLease PLease Use this!!!!! It will be good to have all comments/opinions in once area!! Oh, if anyone knows how I can customize a community page, please let me know. I want a different layout where all entry titles are viewable in a left side....
Peace Out Fellow Freeloaders!!

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